I don’t think there is ANY CHANCE IN HELL that I will ever be able to watch ‘Third Star’

mostly, because I live in the US, and I have no idea how i would get it…

Any Ideas?

EDIT: Thank you much everyone! I’ve saved a couple links, and gone searching through, You’re all lovely.

Im just going to go cry over Third Star now..

  1. jajitaxx answered: I just saw it on youtube, it’s not the best… but at least I saw it…
  2. sairoo answered: its on youtube if u dont mind watching it in parts
  3. thegirlreads answered: The creator of Third Star has mentioned that an multi-region (or region 1) DVD will soon be avvailable for the US.
  4. theconsultingdramaqueen answered: I downloaded it from the pirate bay. Didn’t take long.
  5. negativebuttspace answered: youtube has it
  6. pianosandpetrichor answered: it’s on Youtube in 9 parts!
  7. briellejmbaker answered: I’ve watched Third Star- I watch it online :)
  8. taospooksquad answered: Online: 1channel.ch/watch-2…
  9. netherworldvineyard answered: there’s this beautiful thing called Google…
  10. roger-cohen answered: It’s all up on Youtube… I’m in the US and that’s where I watched it.
  11. juno-no answered: I’m in the US, but I watched it. I’ll link it, yes?
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